Details and Pricing for Commissioning a Painting

I am available for commissioned paintings of all things meaningful; people portraits, pet portraits, home portraits, a favorite special landscape or even a significant object or thing. See below for more details and then contact me to discuss your idea. 


Contact me to commission a painting, send me photos or with any questions.

Basic: One subject (person, pet, place or thing) with a very simple background.

Complex: One subject with a more complicated background or two subjects with a simple background.

Complex+: Two subjects with a complicated background or three subjects with a simple background.

Larger and smaller sizes are available. Ask me for a quote if you are interested in sizes not listed. Please keep in mind, shipping costs can get very expensive for sizes larger than I have listed.

Pricing is for a custom painting on a cradled panel with 3/4” sides up, 1 1/2" sides on sizes 16" x 16" and larger. These pieces come unframed and look clean and modern hung as is, or you can always frame them if you prefer.

Shipping: Prices listed do not include packing and shipping costs. I ship all original paintings with tracking and insurance. Shipping costs for all sizes listed, in the USA, range from about $20 - $100. If you would need shipping to another country, let me know beforehand and I will figure out if it is possible and safe, and what it would cost.

Payment plans are possible for commissioned paintings if needed.


How Commissioning a Painting Works:

  • Pick out photo or photos to send me. If you can’t decide what would make the best painting, I am happy to help you choose. Photos with natural light (no flash) always work best for painting and the better photo you can get me, the better painting I can create.

  • Once you’ve decided on the photo/photos to be used, as well as size and background, we can figure out the price and a time frame for when it will be finished and ready to ship. At this point, before beginning the painting, I require a deposit of 1/2 of the full amount for the painting.

  • After receiving the deposit, I will begin work on your painting, checking in with you when needed to be sure you’ll be happy with the finished piece. (Or not checking in if you prefer to be surprised with the finished piece or you just trust me that much!)

  • When the piece is finished, it will be dried, varnished and dried again and you will get to see photos of it before making a final payment.

  • After the final payment is made for the second half of the painting price plus shipping costs, your custom piece will be carefully packed up and sent off to it’s new home.

  • You finally receive that special package that you’ve been anxiously awaiting! You open it, unwrap it and are super happy with how your custom piece of art turned out! You spend the next couple days finding the perfect spot to hang it and showing it to everyone you can!

  • For many years after, your custom painting brings you and your family joy, finally becoming a unique heirloom that is passed down and treasured for generations!